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Favorite Links Around the Web


  • The Rabbit Room- A community of artists, writers, and thinkers discussing and creating works full of beauty, truth, redemption, and depth. We have added many family favorite reads from this group.

  • The Read Aloud Revival- Excellent blog for finding encouragement to make meaningful and lasting connections with your family through reading aloud.

  • Redeemed Reader- Reviews of new and rediscovered books for children, middle grade, and teens.


  • The Well-Trained Mind- One of our primary resources for classical education

  • Exodus Books- Bookstore for new and used homeschool materials, children and classic books, detailed reviews, excellent search drives, and great customer service.

  • Scholé Academy- Interactive online classes that pair classical learning with restful pedagogy. We have loved the atmosphere and culture of the classes we have enrolled in thus far.

  • World Watch News- Produced by the Christian journalist group WORLD, a daily newscast designed to be age appropriate for students and develop news literacy.

  • 1000 Hours Outside- Matching nature time to screen time, this site offers encouragement and vision for achieving more time in the great outdoors.


  • The Bible Project- Free beautifully rendered videos on different books of the Bible and themes from the Bible.

  • Indelible Grace Hymnbook- Website offers free sheet music downloads of hymns old and new for piano, guitar, and vocal

  • ACNA Prayer Book & Catechism- With clear scripture rich language and user friendly design these have become staples in our family devotional time. Both are available as a free download and for purchase in print form.

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